A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Cake is a game that tackles addiction of all sorts, how it can start,  how it can feel, and how it can end.

Second place for the Golden Whiskers Category in the Whisker Jam 2022.

The game has a retro low-pixel style paired with high-quality levels. Any feedback would be most welcomed.


The game was created as a part of the Whisker Jam 2022.

Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Horror, My First Game Jam, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Unity, weird

Install instructions

The files are zipped as a .rar file, please install WinRAR to export the file. After that, just fire up the app/executable.


The_Cake_1.0_Windows.rar 309 MB
The_Cake_1.0_Apple.app.rar 318 MB
The_Cake-1.0_Linux.rar 324 MB

Development log


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Interesting... 'Do you do the monotonous and boring same thing or do the same thing but with an addiction'?

Was fun to find out. I also found a 3rd ending but i'm sure that one you didn't mean. lol

Very fun Game!! Loved playing it!!

Thanks for playing! So glad you loved it!

Definitely loved the game, also found it very interesting that the cake is a metaphor for addiction. Great work, keep it up!

Really good game, I was pleasantly surprised how eating the cake made such a difference in the atmosphere of the game, and also it was a little funny how so many cakes just popped up everywhere. 

Being a good model citizen is pretty ok, but resisting the cake is easier when it doesn't appear in front of you, unlike when I ate the cake. It's a very nice experience overall, though, is the cake like a metaphor for something?

Thanks a bunch! The cake is a metaphor for addiction and how it works.

Oh thanks for the quick reply, and well thanks for clarifying what the cake actually is :)

Great game, I enjoyed both the literal highs and the lows of the storyline. I found myself getting carried away while high so the lows got to me, but it was funny after a while to see so many cakes appearing. Also liked the feeling of resisting the cake temptation and being a good model citizen. Enjoyed the experience, thanks for creating :)

Thanks for the kind words! I am happy that you have enjoyed the game!


I hope so (;

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Comments below clip;

You tickled the rebel in me, because I don't like to be told what to do, and I hate monotonous anything. Nevertheless, because sudden [and some] moments the character/protagonist became slowed down to  a snail's pace, it got an entirely new twist.

I've stopped playing games that don't allow me to run, but because your game had the best of both worlds, and you so cleverly played with it, I gave it shot and give your game a big thumbs for its original ideas.

Well done and kudos to all involved.

Thank you for the comment and the youtube video! I loved hearing your opinion!

Had a lot of fun with this one, enjoyed getting both of the endings, good work :)


Thank you so much for the nice comment! Glad to hear you liked it!

Pretty darn cool man love the deeper meaning behind the game ill def be on the look out for more games you make!

Thank you for the kind words! I cant seem to play the video, it looks like there is some problem with it!

Dang I Didn't Expect You To Reply This Early Lol The Vid Will Be Out At 9 That's When Most Of My Viewers Are On!


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Thanks! Do you have an email address where I could reach you for opportunities like early game try-outs etc? If you don't want to send it here msg me on twitter => https://twitter.com/BajgarAdam

Yeah sure this you can reach out To me At officerwangbuisness@gmail.com ! I Would Love To Check Out What Your Working On! 

Thanks! Will make sure to reach out once I have something for you!


Thank you for playing my game! Hope you enjoyed it!

Hi Dev! I really enjoyed playing your game, Thank you for making such a great game :)

Thank you! Do you have an email which I could use to reach out to you if I am releasing a new game for early access or so on?

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I can't right now, but maybe later😢

thank you e button has bugs or something but loved the game thank you 

Thanks for the video! I am very happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

al final del juego el sonido al final me volvi sordo 

Fantastic game, with great narrative, taking such a complex subject and presenting it in an effective way. Absolutely loved it, as well as the message you tried to get across!


Thank you for playing! Had a great time watching the video; I appreciate it!


Thank you! Great video!

This game is just full of depressing analogies innit. 10/10 good sir. It made me quit my job this morning

Thank you for playing! You are the first person that I have seen reaching the "good" ending! But please don't become homeless because of me 🤪

are you gonna update this game?

Actually until the voting is over for the Whiskers Gamejam, none of the participants can update their games.

I may fix the one or two bugs but otherwise I am not sure if there is something to update 🤪

I love this game! Very interesting concept, very well executed. So many metaphors giving the story both explicit and implicit dimensions. The background narrative is well expressed through the environmental details (like the paintings, tv, atmosphere...) Unique take on the theme too!

To make it short, I love the narrative that ties it all together, great job and keep it up!


Thank you so much for the detailed rating! I really appreciate feedback like this.

Really intresting game i enjoyed it allot i really liked the themes present and i thought it was super different then most horror games i liked the other ending too very cool cant wait to see more games from you!!!

game is from 0:00-9:55


Thank you! Loved the video! Keep making the good stuff!

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Short but not bad at all. Made a video on it.

There is an issue with the collisions on the closed door near the lever though, if I was not careful, I would've fallen out of bounds.


Thank you so much for the video! I am aware of the collision; I am going to fix it ASAP! Cheers!

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Great little game.

Thank you! Great video!

I will be playing this live today 9/5 around 430-5 PM EST =D.


Thank you for the stream and the kind words! I greatly appreciate them!

you cant click on the bed to progress the game and the front door makes you fall off the map

I am aware of the door, did you click E?

You have to press E many times is this bug?

No that's alright

No that's alright


window platform bug

Is that what you see right as you start the game?

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no when you walk through front door

creepy story

Thank you for trying it out! I hoped you liked it! Found a bug thanks to your video (the door) that I will fix asap!

yes ..so cool ;D like weird creepy :D

Thanks! That means a lot! Don't forget to leave an honest rating in the Jam it is a part of!

cool lookin game

Thank you! Did you try it out? If so, do you have any feedback?

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ill try it out!

Thanks! I would love to hear what you thought after!

your game is bugged need fix

Where is the bug?

What platform are you using? What is the problem?